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Project Description

SQL Server Management Studio in ASP.Net
SQL Server Management
SQL Server Studio
SQL Administration
SQL Admin
SQL management
c# SQL Server

I picked up this project from Microsoft open source project:

this project is trying to provide similar functions as Microsoft SQL Management Studio.
This project is under the development. Project is not reaching beta version yet.
But it already has many functions you can use. Please try it and submit the bugs when I continue on development.
Anyone is welcome to join this project.
Send me an email at if you would like contribute something.
My vision to use this project is for web hosting company.
Security Policy needs more work, especially need more testing, to make sure that there is no SQL user can see other's data.

Road Map of future work
1. Context Menu and SQL Table data editor will be added.
2. Master Page, theme will be added
3. Comply with Section 508
4. Show binary data file in image viewer if it is image fileScreen01

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